Suspended Ceiling Systems Hampshire

Suspended Ceiling Systems Hampshire

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Installing Suspended Ceiling Systems for Hampshire

It’s strange how certain types of specialist contracting work suddenly find a focus in a specific town or county. Recently we’ve been fitting a number of suspended ceiling systems for Hampshire.

This beautiful area of the UK is home to historic houses, rural villages, towns and industrial cities, which means that our suspended ceiling systems have been put to very different uses across the length and breadth of the county.

Suspended Ceiling Systems for Hampshire Businesses & Homes

If you’re a business owner, you’ll be only too aware of the acres of cabling required for networking your premises. Suspended ceilings are an excellent way to utilise the space above your head as extra storage for those unsightly cables. A suspended ceiling grid is fixed to the existing ceiling and tiles are slotted into place providing and new ceiling with a void between the two. Cabling, wiring, pipes or air-conditioning plants can be stowed away safely, but remain accessible via the lightweight, removable tiles.

There are three main reasons why our clients decide to install suspended ceiling systems:

Acoustics  the contemporary range of designs and materials for suspended ceilings means that they are the optimum choice for tailored acoustic design. 

Shape – we rarely think of ceilings as a way to change the shape or ambience of our domestic interiors, but suspended ceiling systems can transform your room or areas within your interior space. The creation of sloping ceilings in bedrooms has been popular recently, as has the use of geometric shapes to lend accent and focus to a centrepiece dining table, or seating area.

Light – a number of the suspended ceiling systems for Hampshire we’ve installed recently have utilised embedded LED lighting as part of the overall design. Track lighting is an elegant enhancement to suspended ceiling systems using geometric designs, and recessed lighting makes the most of the headroom available to you whilst also creating a cosy, intimate space.

StanLil Contractors provide creative suspended ceiling solutions, whatever the size of your home, business or storage requirement. We work quickly, and professionally with high-quality materials to transform your interior into space you need it to be.

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