Tape & Jointing, And Plastering

Tape & Jointing, And Plastering

What is Tape & Jointing, And Plastering?

Both these terms describe finishing processes for dry lining. The major advantage of using plasterboard rather than plaster is that there are no wet compounds which must dry before you apply paint. The process of tape & jointing, and plastering ensures that the surface of the plasterboard is smooth and paint-ready for your decorating requirements.


Plasterboard has tapered edges which allows for them to be lined. Joint tape is applied to the tapered edges, followed by a skim coat of plaster applied to the entire surface. Once this is dry the surface is lightly sanded in preparation for painting.

Tape & Jointing, And Plastering

Tape & Jointing

The process is similar to plastering but after taping, three coats of jointing compound are applied to the joint areas only. After a short drying period, the joints are sanded down to leave a clean, smooth surface ready for decorating.

There’s often discussion as to which is the best finishing process and at StanLil we know that we can create a beautiful, professional finish using either approach. Taping & Jointing is the faster of the two techniques, and it uses less wet material used which usually means less mess to clean up. A major advantage of Taping & Jointing, when working to tight deadlines, is that the area can be used by carpenters or electricians at the same time, whereas a plasterer requires the space to be clear.

Taping & Jointing for Quick Turnarounds

Much of the work we do requires a team of contractors to determine the fastest route to completion in order to meet the client’s deadline. Often this means Taping & Jointing. At StanLil we always like to provide an excellent finish to our dry lining work, and this is especially important in the retail sector where the décor creates an exclusive ambiance breathing the luxury of the brands on offer. Whether we’re converting office space, working on a residential building development, or fitting out a high-end store, Taping & Jointing allows us to achieve the quality expected of traditional craftsmen, in a fraction of the time.

We are CHAS and Constructionline approved, and we are committed to ongoing health and safety training for all our employees and sub-contractors

StanLil Create Perfect Finishes Every Time

As a recommended specialist contractor across the UK, StanLil has the reputation for working fast, without cutting corners on quality. Key to the professionalism of our approach is understanding the potential of our dry lining products, knowing the techniques that make it the most flexible and adaptable material to work with, and recognising that team-work is at the heart of every job we take on.