Raised Access Flooring

What is Raised Access Flooring

The big question we all face when moving to a new house, setting up an office or refurbishing our home is ‘What do I do with all the cabling?’. The digital age has created a brand-new problem which requires a smart solution; how can we create storage for all our cabling which will keep it out of sight and reduce the safety hazard, whilst maintaining easy access, via floor panels, for repairs and upgrades?

Raised access flooring creates a hidden space for safe storage of:

  • Data cabling.
  • Electrical cables.
  • Telecoms cabling.
  • HVAC air conditioning management.

Raised Flooring for London

Raised Flooring Regent Street

Creating Raised Access Flooring

This is a beautifully simple and effective system, as demonstrated in a recent project, comprising pedestals, floor panels and stringers:

Pedestals – a vertical, adjustable structure which is laid out in a grid as support to the floor panels. The pedestals are adjusted to create a flat horizontal even where the natural floor is uneven. They are then fixed to the floor with either a strong resin fixative or a mechanical fixing.

Stringers – These are steel or aluminium rods which fix to the pedestals and provide lateral stability for the system. The stringers form a grid upon which the floor panels are laid.

Floor Panels – this is the horizontal, load-bearing component of the raised access flooring. The panels come in fixed panel sizes of 600mm square. The panels can either rest on the pedestals, and stringer grid, providing fast access to space below, or be screwed down to the grid on which they rest.

We are CHAS and Constructionline approved, and we are committed to ongoing health and safety training for all our employees and sub-contractors

StanLil Use Raised Access Flooring to Create Elegant Interiors

StanLil has developed a reputation for being able to fit out high-end fashion shops, offices, apartments and family homes fast without compromising on the quality of the craftsmanship of the durability of the design. Raised access flooring cleanses your interior space of unsightly cabling, which maintaining the access you need for maintenance and repair. Our design team is skilled at working with raised access floor technology and can provide a sturdy storage space for clients, which also matches the aesthetic of the interior space. The range of raised access flooring panel finishes includes: carpet, wood, marble, stone and ceramic.