Metsec or SFS is light gauge metal infill walling which provides a rapid envelope system. External wall infill comprises a lightweight structure, usually made of light steel, which is fixed on to the primary building structure. The steel frame provides the support required for insulation and cladding, ensuring that the envelope system is weathered in the early stages of the build.

The Benefits of Using METSEC or SFS

Enhanced Speed and Efficiency – infill walls can be installed rapidly and at an early stage of the build. Once in place the build is weatherproof, and the weather seal is secure, allowing site teams to proceed more quickly than with more traditional infill materials.

‘Dry’ Construction Process – METSEC infill arrives as panels of pre-fabricated, lightweight steel framing that are designed to fit between the floors of the build. There is no wasted time, waiting for materials to dry, as the METSEC system is entirely ‘dry’ to begin with, saving time, labour and handling.


Dry Lining Partioning

Robust Design – whilst METSEC systems are not designed as loadbearing walls, they are tough enough to withstand hefty wind speeds. This makes METSEC particularly effective for use on high buildings.

Strong but Lightweight – the METSEC light steel walls are much lighter than block walls and, as a result they put less weight pressure on the floors of the building. This is particularly beneficial in refurbishment projects where heritage floor design cannot take heavy loads.

The many advantages of working with light steel infill walls provide clients with an excellent end product, but also reduce the build time significantly. Additionally, METSEC can easily be relocated should the spatial requirements change. The addition of extra plasterboard and insulating material between the boards provides excellent acoustic insulation, and the construction as a whole is fire retardant.

We are CHAS and Constructionline approved, and we are committed to ongoing health and safety training for all our employees and sub-contractors

StanLil Provide Clients with High Quality and Speedy Results

The key to all our approach as specialist contractors is the ability to work fast, accurately, and professionally to create the results our clients require. By using ‘dry lining’ materials we cut out the long periods of lost time on site whilst plaster dries. METSEC is an ideal solution for the contemporary construction industry where the high standards accorded to traditional craftsmanship are demanded, but within a fraction of the time. At StanLil we understand the needs of our 21st century clients, and we apply our skills to the carefully selected materials that can do the job.