Glazed Partitioning


Glazed partitioning looks great, is easy to install, and comes with a range of optional features such as single or double glazing, glazed or timber doors, aluminium or timber head and base channels, fire resistance and sliding or hinged door mounts.

Whilst glazed partitions are most popular for transforming office spaces into adaptable, light-diffused environments; these elegant, eye catching room-dividers are becoming equally desirable in homes and retail outlets. With increased choice when it comes to style and design, glazed partitions provide an ideal solution to the creation of an airy, contemporary environment, where the ambiance suggests a communal, fluid working space designed to accommodate both concentrated focus for individuals, and collaboration for project-based teamwork.

Glazed Partitions are a Great Solution for Modern Living

Work in the contemporary world has different requirements from perhaps any other period in history. Whether working from home, or in an office environment, our clients are looking for a solution that blends productivity with sociability, and a stylish, flexible ambiance with cost-effectivenessStanLil works across a range of sectors, creating environments that are elegant, enjoyable to work in, and provide a degree of privacy without boxing people in. The major benefits of working with glazed partitioning are:

Translucency – glazed partitions reflect and refract natural light which is a huge bonus when it comes to well-being either in the home, a retail environment, or in the development of an office space.

Transparent partitioning provides a connection with peers, whether you’re working alone, or as part of a team. There’s also a cost benefit; using gazed partitioning cuts down on artificial light usage, and reduces energy bills!

Privacy – the huge range of designs for glazed partitions means that privacy can be created quickly and easily in a shared environment by using frosted, coloured or tinted glass – without creating alienating ‘units’ which separate and isolate people from the whole. The partition can also be double-glazed if sound reduction is a requirement.

Cost-Effectiveness – the installation of glazed partitions is quick and easy, requiring no structural alterations to the architectural features of the space.

Whether our clients are trying out the potential of home-working, or moving to an office space with an eye to expansion, glazed partitioning offers the option of working with the present situation, whilst knowing that spatial configuration can change without huge cost implications, or a loss of the environmental ambiance.

We are CHAS and Constructionline approved, and we are committed to ongoing health and safety training for all our employees and sub-contractors

StanLil Use Glazed Partitioning to Create Working Spaces That Work

The StanLil team are known for creating spaces that work for their clients. When starting from scratch with an empty space that needs to accommodate a workforce that may expand to twenty and shrink to six or seven at any given time, we ask clients to explain to us how their business works, and the way the work needs to flow through the space available. Using glazed partitioning we are can provide a unique working environment that is tailor-made to the needs of the business – more than that, we do it quickly, and cost-effectively. No wonder we’re a popular choice when it comes to creating working space at home, in the office, or within the commercial sector!