Feature Ceilings

Feature Ceilings

What are Feature Ceilings?

Perhaps the greatest examples of feature ceilings can be found in our beautiful cathedrals, palaces and stately homes. Fan vaulting, magnificent artwork, and beautiful sculpting are all designed to draw the eyes upward, lift the spirits, and add another dimension to the space it crowns.

Designing a contemporary feature ceiling is all about extending the experience of a space for visitors or occupants. Whilst painting and decorating tends to be our first thought when we’re thinking about shaping or changing a living or working environment, a redesigned ceiling using imaginative and exciting ceiling features can radically reshape your space. Ceiling features might include the use of lowered soffits, concealed lighting or speakers, angled ceiling slopes, beams or raised coffers.

Feature Ceilings Give Interiors That Little Bit Extra

There are a number of ways in which ceiling design can help to sculpt the space below it; here are a few of the features the StanLil design team have worked with:

Lowered Soffits – at its simplest, this describes an area of the ceiling that has been built lower than the area around it. This is sometimes used to enhance a sense of intimacy in a specific area of a room, over a bar or dining table for example.

Angled Ceiling Slopes – a favourite with families seeking character for children’s bedrooms, or for den-type study areas. Ceiling slopes instantly add charm and character to a room; by lowering the meeting point between wall and ceiling, they provide a sense of height and offer great opportunities for interesting lighting options.

Coffered Ceilings – think back to the geometrical patterns you’ve seen in historical houses; they’re great examples of coffered ceilings and they’re now becoming popular in retail and domestic settings. Grids using suspended ceiling panels create a stunning eye-catching effect, especially in large spaces.

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StanLil Use Feature Ceilings to Create the Crowning Finish

The StanLil design team are known for their creativity and flair. We always promise our clients that if they can imagine the space they want we will find a way to install it for them. Sometimes we start out with something as simple as ‘I want a bistro-type dining area’ and we work with all the design elements at our disposal to turn an idea into reality. Often it is the ceiling that provides the biggest ‘Wow’ factor when we design domestic or retail interiors. We work with lighting (concealed spotlights, or runway lights), sound (speakers built into ceiling panels), and grids, soffits, beams and angled slopes, to sculpt the shape of the ceiling to create the ambience required by our client.