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Acoustic Works

What is Acoustic Works?

When we think of transforming interiors we tend to focus on colour, textures, light quality, or space. We rarely think about the acoustic qualities, and yet these can radically change the way in which we experience our homes or workspaces. The use of contemporary materials and applications can now alter the acoustic qualities of a space and dramatically change the ambiance for visitors, clients or family members.

The effect is a clear, crisp sound quality which adds to the pleasure of listening to your favourite music, or talking with a group of friends. An alternative to acoustic plaster is acoustic spray which offers the same benefits but the end result can be fine-tuned by adding extra layers until the required sound quality is achieved.

Most traditional decorative finishes, such as plaster work, reflect sound energy, causing it to bounce from surface to surface, rather like light bouncing off a mirror. This causes a slight echo which can be experienced as a ‘hollow sound’. Synthetic acoustic plaster has been designed to absorb sound energy, reduce echoes, and mute the top notes of sounds which make them unpleasant to our ears

Acoustic Works

Acoustic Works Provides Enhanced Sound Quality at Work and at Home

Paying attention to the sound quality of the space you are creating can provide a great return on investment, especially if you are providing a space where people will be eating, talking or listening to music.

Restaurants and Cafes: Many contemporary restaurants have to find creative solutions to limited floor-space and refurbished interiors. The sound isn’t a problem until the tables fill up and suddenly nobody can hear above the echoes of other conversations bouncing off the surrounding walls. Acoustic plaster is an economic, efficient way to dampen down the echo and improve the customer experience.

Galleries, Libraries and Schools: Spaces used by large numbers of people tend to have high ceilings and poor sound quality. Often the human voice becomes distorted in these circumstances, leaving listeners straining to hear what is being said. StanLil has fitted a number of large public spaces with timber acoustic linings; these enhance the sound quality and lend a warmth and durability to the space which is unique to wood finishes.

Domestic Interiors: Contemporary home-owners tend to want to rip up carpets and replace them with stone tiles, or wooden floors. This can change the acoustics of the living space because carpet acts as an absorber of sound. We have found that acoustic sprays are handy in domestic settings as home-owners can create the sound quality they want for each different room according to the number of layers they apply.

We are CHAS and Constructionline approved, and we are committed to ongoing health and safety training for all our employees and sub-contractors

StanLil Use Acoustic Works to Create a Professional Finish to Their Interiors

You can’t see it, you can’t smell it, you can’t feel it, but you know if the sound quality of a room needs attention. At StanLil we always talk to clients about acoustics at the design stage of a project, because it helps us to choose the right materials for the job. Our installation team regularly finds itself working on high end retail fit-outs, where light is considered the number one priority when persuading clients to enter, and linger in the shop. We would place sound a close second; if a place feels hollow, or loud, we tend not to stay too long!