School Refurbishment Contractors West Sussex

School Refurbishment Contractors West Sussex

StanLil are Experienced School Refurbishment Contractors West Sussex

StanLil are specialist contractors for the academic sector in the UK. Which means that we have a detailed understanding of this unique environment and its highly specific requirements. As a consequence we provide refurbishments that are durable enough to withstand the daily usage, whilst providing a contemporary aesthetic, and an appropriate environment for the activities scheduled.

We provide a range of services to UK schools, colleges and universities. StanLil can offer Cat A, and CAT B school fit outs, design and refurbishment for:

  • School libraries
  • Staff rooms
  • Science labs
  • Breakout/seminar rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Reception areas

Most important to what we do is taking the time to understand what you need the space to communicate to students. Looking for an area to promote quiet study? Need a space to encourage collaborative work? We have the expertise and experience to be able to offer advice and practical guidance.

School Refurbishment Services from StanLil

Whatever the size or extent of the school refurbishment project we take on, we always go through the same detailed process:

1. Understanding the Nature of the Refurbishment

Sometimes the job is simple – a space needs basic interior services. Most of the time, though, the brief is more complex. It may be that the use of the space is changing, or that the school is rebranding. Sometimes refurbishment is about defining the activities that go on there. We take the time to understand the brief in all its detail, so that we can provide an appropriate response.

2. Signing off Plans

Academic institutions are collaborative organisations. That’s why we take care to talk through refurbishment plans with all the staff involved. Taking this extra care often helps to expedite the practical implementation. Often staff will offer insights into the school culture, or helpful suggestions that are simple to integrate into the refurbishment design.

3. Project Management

This is the person that ensures everything happens efficiently, to budget, and to the agreed deadline. Our experienced project managers liaise with 3rd party suppliers, schedule the phases of the refurbishment, and provide regular reporting on progress. Should problems arise along the way, our project managers will offer timely solutions to avoid delay.

4. Working in the Academic Environment

We’re well aware of the scheduling constraints in the academic sector. We often find ourselves working around the academic timetable, or around the school day. If the project needs to be completed during term time, all our employees are DBS checked. We always plan our projects carefully to ensure minimal disruption the surrounding environment.

5. Handing Over

Introducing the new space to staff is an important part of the school refurbishment process for us. Good project management normally mitigates against problems at this stage. Should there be any concerns, we’ll manage them carefully. We value feedback on the way in which we’ve worked with our clients, and we always try to learn from it.

 Local School Refurbishment Contractors West Sussex

StanLil has been working in West Sussex for over two decades now. We’ve built our reputation as school fit out and refurbishment specialists largely by word-of-mouth. Our clients comment on the skills we provide, and the professionalism of our approach. They also highlight the ways in which we take time to understand our clients’ needs, and successfully deliver on them.

If you’re looking for a highly skilled schools refurbishments contractor, call StanLil today on 01243558075. We deliver exceptional educational environments.